Ok, I'll be dressing this site up soon but heres a barebones of the Downloads Page

This Page is going to have downloads of mostly stuff I or affiliates make.


JUGGERNAUT BITCH! (Done! Coming Soon!)

I made my own version of the "Juggernaut Bitch!" I think its better than the one I've seen circulating around on youtube. I will put up the DL files here once this section is straightend up. I ripped all the sounds and put them together onto "Splode's" Juggernaut from Mugen. I put in the right phrases for all of his movements. I even made an alternate voice. Once I figure out how to put 2 I may make a release of that one also.

ATTENTION! if anyone has some CLEAR rips of the voice I will redo this Juggernaut. I enhanced the audio adn ripped sound best I could with the materials I had, which wasn't very much.

Video Game Rap

Direct download via my Myspace Page


Let me know where I can improve and what you liked on the FORUM.

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