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Game Rap from the upcoming album "LISTEN TO THE GAME MUSIC"
Vocals/Lyrics: Karl Kablisk (KarlKablisk@KabliskKeep.com)
Recording/Beat/Production: Dash Bones
Transcript/Videos: “Shishio” Kira-San (KiraDesu@KabliskKeep.com)

More info including on the upcoming album: KabliskKeep.com (forum/video games/game rap)

Download: http://www.myspace.com/kabliskkeep

Lyrics are listed in bold, their order in place before them in paranthesis. Below each set of lyrics are their respective references.

(note: I need to revise for the new references/clean up references/ remove (RPG)/ reassess lyrical grammar/add direct lyrical references to their respective games)

(A cappella Intro)
Befo’ we rhyme, NPCs read yo’ only lines, you do know,
you branch off from the main storyline, from old mines to road shrines,
we do it solely to pass time, level up rob yo’ ass blind,
learn Limit Breaker One through Nine, forget those we left behind,
only time the rhymin' stops, is for Miss “Kind-with-locks“, the jock at the item shop,
pop a shot of Phoenix “Drop“, n' I’m ready to rock
Non-playable characters
Side quests and stories
(RPG) Novice Areas (mines/caves/etc)
(RPG) Advanced  Areas (shrines)
(RPG) Occasional monotony
(RPG) Leveling up
(RPG) Earning gold/gil/treasure
(Final Fantasy VII) Limit Breaks
(RPG) Forgettable RPG characters
(RPG) Girls at item shops
(FF) Phoenix Down
(Guilty Gear) fight commencement

(1) Karl Kablisk spit sick shit in this, game scenario,

(2) Same-sickness in the wooded plains of Wario
(Dr. Mario)
(Wario’s Woods)

(3) This ain't no carnival, no chick and no Ferris wheel,
(FFVII) Gold Saucer
(FFVII) Love Points Scenario (explain the love points situation lol)
(FFVII) Ferris wheel scene
(Todemo crisis) Ferris Wheel scene - double meaning

(4) Attack 'n its like the blade in the back of Aeris, steel

Attack command
(FFVII) Aeris’s death
(FFVII) Masamune

(5)  Like omnislash the real deal, ta’ bomb any ass, who try to pilfer, or cop this silver, mad killer,
(FFVII) Omnislash Limit Break
(Final Fantasy X-2) Pilfer Ability
(Final Fantasy I) Silver Equipment (explain below why this can only apply to silver although gil was intended)
(Final Fantasy VI) Kefka

(6) Hey! You betta’ get yo’ arms ready, cuz’ one jab is like a stab from Tonberry
(Street Fighter II) Guarding

(FF) Tonberry

(7) 9-9-9-9 count the hit points, my rhyme finds timed lines, made ta flip joints
(FF) 9999 damage limit

hp limit
(8) Think it’s cheap? Don't like where the song go? The Chinatown beat's a 9-round Air Combo
Calls of cheapness
(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) infinite air combos


beat terminology
(9) I hit hard yo‘, you ain't safe in your stronghold, remember, I’m a Rockman like Rongo,

critical hit

(Romance of the 3 kingdoms) stronghold
(Megaman) original name is Rockman
(Battle Arena Toshiden) Rongo

(10) Might move slow, and do, a long show, we in ya‘, mock fan, WE WANT YOU TO BLOCKDOS!

strategy approach
(MVC2) “Blockdos” strategy

(11) Think we need hoes, then you peeps are wrong, we got ganguros reppin’ for da’ Street Mahjong,
(Street Mahjong) Ganguro cover girl

(12) You need be far from uniquely awesome, complete rap freaks your whole fleet be “Oblong”
(StarCraft) fleet

(13) With rhymes exceed the speed of extreme G, so fast it blew up the gas on the mean bean machine
(Sonic) Robotnic’s boss

Extreme G

(14) With the rank of Lieutenant, I invented the game of Game Rap, way back when Sonic relayed laps
(Lethal Enforcers) Lieutenant

(15) Changed my aim with the blade I claimed from Kain, on yo’ back with the famed pimpslap to strain yo’ MaxPayne,

(Lagacy of Kain) Soul Reaver
(LoK) Kain

(16) When I came up, I’m the age of 4 (a-fo), and blowed-up, mind-lanes-interchangeable,
(Racing) racing lanes
(Fatal Fury) tier fighting

job classes
(17) Terrain I know, pathed in BloodRayne, my Primal Rage came on these Streets that go by the same name
(Primal Rage)
(Streets of Rage) streets by the same name

(18) Stains left from open veins, EXP ta’ gain, they ask me something,
game blood
(RPG) Experience points
(GTA) defenseless NPC victims

(19) I don’t hear, I just swing, at this Black Bat, defeat, n' that’s that, see the beat snap when I reach my max stats
(RPGs) victory theme
(Earthbound) swinging a baseball bat
(Final Fantasy IV) Black Bat enemy
(RPGs) maxed-out attributes

(20) 'n smack'n fairy bitchin' packs that crack crap like we ain't scary, or more upliftin’ than Griffin Aviaries

horro games
(Warcraft ) Griffin Aviaries

(21) “Fock Terrans and Kerrigan, back ta’ bare dirt, terror lairs, hair and air again, tearin' skin 'n scarin' men”
(Starcraft) Terrans
(Starcraft) Kerrigan
(Warcraft) 6 references
(StarcraftII/Warcraft III) Delay of Starcraft II because of WoW III

(22) Back to days of olden, with this golden axe, these chosen cats rap at shows in barracks, and cap for arrogance
(Golden Axe)
(Warcraft/Starcraft) barracks
(Narc) shooting wildly

(23) Shenanigans, put that against Dash is “inadequace“, the badda’ wins, the defense of a strategist
(Romance of the Three Kingdoms) strategy

(24) What matters is, stat concerns and attack patterns, so we learned to burn fans back on Amtrak,
(RPG) stat concerns
(Fighting games) attack patterns
(Densha De Go) trains

(25) Clap returns ask we slap whack with Saturn RAM Packs, and pack facts like patterned anthrax,
Sega Saturn RAM Pack

that lwyer game

(26) Stand back and crack competition demands that, they're shattered when they listen their mission's a hand-back

(Shatterhand NES) Decline a mission

(27) So next time, you and a friend samplin' slang rhymes, be sure those men, aint' brandishin‘, Zanarkand gang signs,

(FFX) Zanarkand

(28) With lines fatter than Death Adder 'n when mad then shit’s on, one-size-fits-all ass kickin' with this Blitzball.
(Golden Axe) Death Adder
(FFX) Blitzball



(note: revise footnotes, arrange numerically)

It is important to note that Lyric 21 is a reference to the well-known incident involving Blizzard’s delay of StarCraft II for the production of World of Warcraft III. This is not intended on as a “diss” on StarCraft II or World of Warcraft III, rather, a reference to this milestone in the history of video games.

Also, Lyrics 18 and 19 made a reference to defenseless NPC victims; this is one specific reference, but it expands two lyrics and was listed twice (once for each of those lyrics).

Lyric 3 has had two intended meanings: the Final Fantasy references, but also the Japanese-only Todemo Crisis level was its original premise. This can therefore be seen as a double-meaning.


(note: I need to update this/revise so is more ordered in a statistical format not a paragraph/add genres, leave disclaimer on sub-genres not present as Educational game genre)

There are 77 total video game references in “Game Rap“, whether they be specific mentions of game titles, footnotes, or a specific referendum from a video game. 43 of those are RPG references and 16 are specific references to the Final Fantasy series. Of that series, Final Fantasy VII has 7 specific references and Final Fantasy 10 has 2 specific references. Concerning other series, World of Warcraft has nine total references, and has Starcraft has five total references, followed by the following series all receiving 2 references each, respectively: Marvel Vs. Capcom, Street Mahjong, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Golden Axe. The total number of video games (not including series, single games) specifically referenced are 34. The genres mentioned are countless., as are possible interpolations and expansions on that and already specific video game references

 I listed the specific video games referenced here, not in order of appearance:

(note: add to 50 later, it should be divided between specific mentions and indirectly specific mentions,followed by indirect references, along with their lyric)

  1. Final Fantasy I
  2. Final Fantasy IV
  3. Final Fantasy VI
  4. Final Fantasy VII
  5. Final Fantasy X
  6. Final Fantasy X-2
  7. Guilty Gear Dr. Mario
  8. Wario’s Woods
  9. Marvel Vs Capcom II
  10. Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  11. Megaman
  12. Battle Arena Toshinden
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog
  14. Lethal Enforcers
  15. Street Mahjong
  16. Legacy of Kain
  17. Maxpayne
  18. Fatal Fury
  19. Streets of Rage
  20. Primal Rage
  21. Blood Rayne
  22. Mortal Kombat
  23. Earthbound
  24. Fallout
  25. Densho de Go
  26. Baldur’s Gate
  27. World of Warcraft
  28. World of Warcraft II
  29. World Of Warcraft III
  30. Starcraft I
  31. StarCraft II
  32. Shatterhand
  33. Narc
  34. Golden Axe

Other References

(note: order as above or move to footnotes?)

There are other popular culture references like anthrax (24) and the Oblongs (12).

Dash Bones, who is instrumental in the production of Game Rap, is mentioned (23).

100 game references in order

(note: check order/add lyric #/remove (RPG) from some)

  1. Non-playable characters
  2. One-line townspeople
  3. Side quests and stories
  4. (RPG) Novice Areas (mines/caves/etc)
  5. (RPG) Advanced Areas (shrines)
  6. (RPG) Occasional monotony
  7. (RPG) Leveling up
  8. (RPG) Earning gold/gil/treasure
  9. Thievery (double meaning)
  10. (Final Fantasy VII) Limit Breaks
  11. (RPG) Forgettable RPG characters
  12. (RPG) Cute girls at item shops
  13. (FF) Phoenix Down
  14. (Guilty Gear) fight commencement
  15. (Dr. Mario)
  16. (Wario’s Woods)
  17. (FFVII) Gold Saucer
  18. (FFVII) Love Points Scenario
  19. (FFVII) Ferris wheel scene
  20. (Todemo crisis) Ferris Wheel scene - double meaning
  21. (RPG) attack command
  22. (FFVII) Aeris’s death
  23. (FFVII) Masamune
  24. (FFVII) Omnislash Limit Break
  25. (Bomberman)
  26. (Final Fantasy X-2) Pilfer Ability
  27. (Final Fantasy I) Silver Equipment
  28. (Final Fantasy VI) Kefka
  29. (Street Fighter II) Guarding
  30. (Street Fighter II) Jabbing
  31. (FF) Tonberry
  32. (FF) 9999 damage limit Combo
  33. 9999 limit HP
  34. burger time
  35. tetris
  36. Calls of cheapness
  37. infinite air combos
  38. Critical Damage
  39. (age of empires) stronghold
  40. (Megaman) original name is Rockman
  41. (Battle Arena Toshiden) Rongo
  42. cheapness
  43. Arcade- chinatown fair
  44. beat (guilty gear combo term)
  45. Strategy game approach (slow paced)
  46. (MVC2) “Blockdos” strategy
  47. (Street Mahjong) Ganguro cover girl
  48. (StarCraft) fleet
  49. Extreme G
  50. (Sonic) Robotnic’s boss
  51. (Lethal Enforcers) Lieutenant
  52. (Sonic)
  53. aim in fps
  54. (Lagacy of Kain) Soul Reaver
  55. (LoK) Kain
  56. (Maxpayne)
  57. (Racing) racing lanes
  58. (Fatal Fury) tier fighting
  59. job classes
  60. (BloodRayne)
  61. (Primal Rage)
  62. (Streets of Rage)
  63. blood
  64. (RPG) Experience points
  65. (GTA) defenseless NPC victims
  66. (RPGs) victory theme
  67. (Earthbound)  swinging a baseball bat
  68. (Final Fantasy IV) Black Bat enemy (double meaning)
  69. (RPGs) maxed-out attributes
  70. horror games
  71. (Warcraft ) Griffin Aviaries
  72. (Starcraft) Terrans
  73. (Starcraft) Kerrigan
  74. (Warcraft)
  75. (Warcraft)
  76.  (Warcraft)
  77.  (Warcraft) 
  78. (Warcraft) 
  79. (Warcraft)
  80. (StarcraftII/Warcraft III) Delay of Starcraft II because of WoW II
  81. (Golden Axe)
  82. (Warcraft./Starcraft) barracks
  83. devil may cry
  84. (Narc) shooting wildly
  85. (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) strategy
  86. (RPG) stat concerns
  87. (NES games) boss attack patterns
  88. (Fighting games) attack patterns
  89. (Densha De Go) trains
  90. Sega Saturn RAM Pack
  91. ace attorney
  92. competition
  93. Decline a mission
  94. parapa the rapper
  95. Brandish
  96. (FFX) Zanarkand hand sign
  97. zanarkand symbol
  98. (Golden Axe) Death Adder
  99. RPG equipment- lack of sizes
  100. (FFX) Blitzball

-Synapse and Transcript by ”Shishio” Kira-San, by permission and approval from Karl Kablisk

Notes from Karl Kablisk, Author of Game Rap

(notes coming soon :p)

All Rights Reserved 2006, KABLISK KEEP