Ok, I'll be dressing this site up soon but heres a barebones of the archives

NEWS! - as of 4-7-08'


Site was down for a bit under maintenance but now things are back up and running.

New Sections added!


Most notibly the VIDEO section is up now. I hope to add some content to the site so one thing I will be doing is have Video game and anime related videos up. Most of the vids will be done by Shishio Makoto.


I added a downloads section for some of the stuff I make. I plan to put up my video game rap songs and other things I make mostly. Hope you guys like them! please comment if you do! :p


Forum was up for a bit then down. Now back up @_@ hope you guys post and have fun on there. I'll get a mod and try to make things fun. They'll be some quizzes, votes and good discussions so check it all out!


Donno what will become of the store, I had it up before but I may have plans to put it back up. I work mostly by personal request and have been doing fine by that but I may restore the store. Time will tell. The store had Import games, PS2 etc. as well as Import Video Game systems and Joysticks. Go to the Forum to see some info on the store I have a few Ideas I'd like to talk to people about. I'm open to suggestions from anyone about the store and any other aspect of the site.

Web Design

I've been real busy these days. I've been making a few web sites as well so I'll put up my portfolio of work on here as this is the page to house all my doings.

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