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Love Raye

This is the first Love Raye Comic ever! I'm inspired a lot by Hard's "Sexy Losers" comic. An all time Favorite of mines. I'm still deciding where to go with this strip but for now I'll keep it a lil tame (can this be considered tame? lolz)

The Love Raye character is something I've been playing with and I think he allows me to poke fun at the whole lolicon thing. Something I don't see often I also have some other characters in the works.

I JUST started using adobe illustrator a few days ago so I'm using this as my practice hope you guys enjoy and comment on the FORUM.

Kablisk Strip

  • Karl Kablisk
  • Nirwanda
  • Love Raye

Karl Kablisk


Photo coming soon

Age: 24
Role Models: Hideo Kojima

Will appear first in strip 2 Japan and Video Game enthusiest Karl Kablisk is one of the more Sane of the members of this strip (Which isn't saying too much)



Photo Coming soon

Age: 20
Role Models: Morrigan

Will first appear in strip 3 or so. Your friendly everyday succubus is inexplicably in this universe. Likes to get into mischief

Love Raye

(Pic is him in cosplay as Kenpachi)

Age: 24
Role Models: Kenpachi, Black Jack, Phoenix Wright (are you senseing a theme yet?)

Started in ep. 1 Everyone's favorite lovable lolicon. Hey he can't help himself if hes thrust into these situations. But he isn't exactly complaining either.


(Pic is her in cosplay as Yachiru)

Age: ??
Role Models: Blue (The one with the Clues)

Started in ep. 1 Jowqi is a hard core otaku who never misses an episode of Blue's Clue's hangs out with Raye Oblivious to his true nature. Oh if she only KNEW the truth...




Kablisk Strip 1

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