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Karl Kablisk


Photo coming soon

Age: 24
Role Models: Hideo Kojima
Class: Gamer on Bankai-crack

Will appear first in strip 2 - Japan and Video Game enthusiest

Karl Kablisk is one of the more Sane of the members of this strip (Which isn't saying too much). Often confusing video games and anime for real life he tries to make the most of it and apply his "Training" to the real world. These advanced problem solving skills and pride as a gamer keep him going. Roommates with Love Raye.



Age: 20
Role Models: Morrigan
Class: Succubus

Will first appear in strip 4 or so. - There are certain duties that a succubus and one of them is to catch her frist prey...

Upon her 20th birthday she was released into the human world from the neither realm.
Likes to get into mischief even in her realm, what kind of future will unfold for her in this crazy land of humans and Jowqis?

Love Raye

(Pic is him in cosplay as Kenpachi)

Age: 24
Role Models: Kenpachi, Black Jack, Phoenix Wright, Irie-sensei (are you senseing a theme yet?)
Class: Ruxxinigami

Started in ep. 1- Everyone's favorite lovable lolicon.

Hey he can't help himself if hes thrust into these situations. But he isn't exactly complaining either.
Roommates with Karl Kablisk as they both practice their gaming and pursue life's goals... even if his is abit twisted...


(Pic is her in cosplay as Yachiru)

Age: ??
Role Models: Blues (As in the one with the Clues since Jowqi has not a one)
Class: Jowqinus maximus of the Japanese veriety

Started in ep. 1 - Jowqi is a hard core otaku who never misses an episode of Blues Clue's.

One of the few in the cast fluent in Japanese so don't worry if you don't understand her sometimes :p Hangs out with Raye Oblivious to his true nature. Oh if she only KNEW the truth...




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